At the age of 21 I moved to London with the intention of pursuing a career in the film industry as a writer director. I’d no idea how I would do that but that was what I was going to do. Previously I had studied radio broadcasting so sound seemed like the best route in. I stalked sound recordist for several months begging to be their trainee. After about 9 months I got a job on a feature film and then it all sort of spiralled from there. I worked my way up through the department and eventually became a boom operator. Then reality hit. Thirteen years had passed and I was no closer to being a writer or a director. I bowed out of the film industry and went back to temping so I could focus on writing. After some time I had a feature written, a couple of shorts and a half arsed attempt at a TV drama series. The most sensible next step seemed to apply for film school. So I did, and I got in. In September 2017 I started an MA in Screenwriting at The London Film School. Since completing the course I’ve focused mainly on getting my feature into shape. But I have also started to develop some new ideas as well as going back to some old ones. The ideas have always been there, but until film school I didn’t have the tools to develop them properly. 2019 will be about finding the right producer to take my projects and push them forward to the next stage.