Jim White

San Diego, CA, USA


The world calls and for one poetic reason, I answer. I'm a US Merchant Mariner. I've traveled the world sixteen times in fifteen years meeting ports of call in areas still not yet named. Ive yet to see the same sunrise nor sunset twice The new Disporia in countries amaze me with resilience and astetics of life's challenges yet to be discovered in Western cultures. If I have one addiction it's meeting new cultures and humbly learning from their meaningful ways. Asked by folks, "what do you do at Sea?" I simply reply to them with a smile, " I write a bit, and read a lot." It's the vacation time spent that I get grounded. Last year I went back to college, the study of library sciences added depth to my research weaknesses. Next visit to college on vacation I'll pick another topic of interest. A quarter here, semester there keeps me tuned like my clarinet practice, keep to the scales, then close your eyes and let it flow. -Jim White, Mariner at Sea, 2019.