I am an artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One can not have passion in anything without purpose, and purpose does not go without the passion. My purpose is inviting the right moment and showing it through light. My passion is the pursuit of the illusive moment and evocative image. I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a household of two artists. One a filmmaker and storyteller, Larry Littlebird, and another a graphic designer and loving mother, Deborah Littlebird. From the start my eyes and ears have been filled with art. I moved onto college studying under wonderful teachers at the University of New Mexico's Photography and Media Arts Depts. I was intrigued by cinema and awakened by images from my childhood seeing films that gave me confidence in my own voice as a storyteller. I am 2017 Full Circle Fellowship through Sundance’s Native and Indigenous Program. I am also a collaborator within DRY MTN, a large format print publication funded by the Fulcrum Fund through the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. I made my directorial debut of a micro budget short film that I wrote in 2017 with a film called Jackrabbit which has won Best Short Film at the 2017 LA SKINS Festival. I am from Laguna and Kewa Pueblos. I believe that stories of the past and future is where human connection is rooted, I strive to find people who are passionate about sharing stories and creating new ones.