Jay Schnorrer

Berlin, Germany


Jay, 27, screenwriter and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany As someone who has experienced first-hand how a film can change someone's life, I'm conscious of the role creators play in shaping all our lives. Movies aren't created – or consumed – in a vacuum and I believe every creator owes their audience the respect of holding themselves to a higher standard. Plus, I'm a non-binary writer who identifies as grey-a demiromantic (and is happy to explain what that all means). I'm also a white person trying to be the best ally I can be, both personally and professionally – keyword critical whiteness. All these aspects of my personality affect the way I engage with media as well as how I approach my own works. I love to entertain, to affect and to prompt readers and viewers to reflect on the world and their role in it, which I'll hopefully achieve with every project anew!