Jamie Lee

Brussels, Belgium


Jamie Lee is a multi-disciplined artists based in Brussels. From a background of dance and performing arts her interest to cross-pollinate art forms she founded Memoryhouse Production, a platform for her collaborative work of installations, exhibitions and performance presenting in spaces such as Bozar (BE), Danseur Charleroi Danses, Buda (BE), Kiosk Festival (SK) and receiving awards such as Cinedans (NL) and Choreographic Captures (SW). Her curiosity in storytelling and activism opened a dialogue in creating films with NGOs to spark conversations such media literacy, independent living and adoption through character driven film campaigns. Today, her passion lies in telling the stories that require looking below the surface and change the way we see the world. With her husband Stanislav Dobak they started Motionhouse to continue this path of storytelling through the modern lens.