Jack Teague

Auburn, AL, USA


While working as an extra on the set of "Norma Rae" while in college, I became intoxicated with filmmaking. Inspired to stay in touch with filmmaking as much as possible while pursuing a career in an unrelated field, self-taught, I began studying screenwriting. I also became a published freelance author with numerous articles on a wide array of topics published as well as two works of short fiction. Later, I would have the opportunity for more formal screenwriting education through non-credit coursework and seminars offered by Florida State University's Film School. Flash forward to 2012, over the intervening years I've worked on numerous large film and television projects as background and been cast in six features, becoming SAG eligible by virtue of doing voiceover on the interactive game Red Redemption II in 2017. In 2014, I decided to devote myself to succeeding in the film industry on a fulltime basis. I have written and directed short dramas. I'm currently marketing feature screenplays and a documentary. My career goal is to continue advancing as an actor, screenwriter and director.