Jack Porter Lofton


Little Rock, AR, USA


Born in Memphis, Jack is a producer with Mudroom Films. During his first film, he embedded himself with the Westboro Baptist Church for the short documentary God Hates Gaga about the family’s picketing of a Lady Gaga concert in Kansas’ worst blizzard in history. He then went on to produce the HBO Documentary All About Ann: Governor Richards that featured Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Bill Clinton, and Tom Brokaw. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won him an Epic Award from The White House Project. Jack also worked for five years to transition the Little Rock Film Festival from a start-up to one of the premiere Southern Film Festivals and a “Top 25 Film Festival Worth the Entry Fee” by MovieMaker Magazine. He serves on the board of the Arkansas Cinema Society. Jack was honored as one of Arkansas Business’ “40 Under 40” in 2011. He was also credited as a “stuntman” as Joaquin Phoenix’s stand-in for Walk the Line. Jack earned a law degree and masters from the Clinton School of Public Service where he studied the power of film to bring about social change. He is currently in production on two documentaries: The ‘Vous about the history and culture of Memphis through a world famous barbecue restaurant and Kings of Tort about the top-tier major league trial attorneys who battle global corporations on such fronts as a baby powder asbestos cancer trial and opioid litigation.