Director, DOP, Videomaker, Screenplayer

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


I was born in Milan, Italy, in the 1983, I grew up in Corsico, a little suburb in the south west of the big city. In the 2003 I got a diploma in Technologic Science. in the 2006 got a bachelor degree in Science of Cultural Property with a course of heritage research, conservation and protection methodologies of theatre, live performance, cinema and television. in the 2009 got two diplomas: the main one in short movie at the Civic School of Cinema, Television & New Media Luchino Visconti of Milan, the second one as broadcast camera operator in a professional school. in the 2009 is an important year also because I moved in Vancouver BC (CAN) right after the diplomas, for a six month working holiday experience, Where I also shoot the first short documentary: Spandy Andy Live! When I got back in Milan, in january 2010, I start working in the video production at several levels, mostly on music videoclip of independent artist, and commercial stuff (nothing really important actually). Meanwhile I also try to start working on a personal short movie between 2011 and 2013 I work at a videoblog Milano Burning Nights where I follow italian and international Indipendent music and cinema artists passing by in Milan trying to interview some of them. starting 12 may 2012 until april 2016 I am a political activist in MACAO Milano, working in the video production team. An amazing experience who gave me the opportunity to meet Luca Bigazzi, and work with him on a short movie produced by MACAO Milano: OPEN I also have the opportunity to follow him one day on the set of L’Intrepido (by Gianni Amelio) as Electrician. In february 2015 I go to shoot a shared documentary in Cuba with the Turbodoc project, for three weeks, who is not finished yet. In the summer 2016 I also have the opportunity to work on the production of La Terra Buona, an independent italian movie written and directed by Emanuele Caruso, as focus puller and DOP assistant. In the end of 2017 I start working for SKY television studios as camera operator and at the same time I finally finish to work on my first fictional short movie: Enjoy Cookies which I consider completed the 1st january 2018, and here we are.