FARZAD OSTOVARZADEH is a graduate director of The Young Fellow Filmmakers Organization of Tehran. Having trained first in the field of engineering, he found his passion in filmmaking after working with Iran's famed directors: Naser Taghvail and Bahram Beizali, whereupon he committed to following his dream of becoming a director. While living and working in Tehran, he had the privilege of directing an award-winning theater group in the staging of Henrik Ibsen's world-class production, "Hedda Gabler". Director Ostovarzadeh graduated from the AFI directing program after directing his two thesis films: "Evelyn" and "Hidden." He was the only member of his graduating class to complete two such projects. Since graduating, Ostovarzadeh has traveled and worked closely with the director, Asghar Farhadi ("A Separation"), studying closely with the academy award winner and working as his assistant. In addition to his film pursuits, Director Ostovarzadeh is also a poet and writer of short stories. His films explore the intimate unseen emotions of characters forced upon them in conditions beyond of their power. In humanity and appreciation of other’s hidden emotions that bind us.