Emel Dursun

Producer / Line Producer / Animator

Los Angeles, CA, USA


My name is Emel Dursun, I am a Producer/Line Producer/Animator. I had moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago from Istanbul, Turkey, with 10 years of experience in film production. My work in Turkey includes major productions like “ Fetih 1453 (Conquest 1453), Gorunmeyen, Hacivat Karagoz Neden Olduruldu (Killing the Shadows), and award winner commercials. I have a personal interest in 3D animation and Visual effects, and from 2013-2015, I studied 3D animation at Santa Monica College. I love learning, growing and improving as a person every day. I enjoy going to workshops, panels and also learning about our environment, other cultures, their customs, and food. As a storyteller, my goal is to work with a diverse group of talented people who will take all the necessary risks needed to create films that will inspire people all over the world.