Denise Dragiewicz

Hoboken, NJ, USA


DENISE DRAGIEWICZ is a writer, editor, and documentary film director. Recently, she edited the narrative films Yattra (Golden Door Film Festival) and Girl Clown (First Glance Film Festival), co-edited the experimental short MatterSpaceTime (New Jersey Film Festival), was assistant editor on the feature documentary Missing People (Hot Docs, Los Angeles Film Festival), and acted as associate editor for the up-coming documentary Renegade Dreamers (dir. Karen Kramer). Her first credit as director was with the short documentary The Ballad of Acadia (Maine Outdoor Film Festival). In 2013-2014, Dragiewicz documented both environmental turmoil and community conservation in seven East African countries with the goal of showcasing these films at environmental film festivals. The first released, A Butterfly Space, debuted at The Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida in 2015 (NYWIFT's Documentary Shorts Night; Green Bay Film Festival; Maine Outdoors Film Festival). The second completed, Ndzou Camp, tells the story of a Mozambican community determined to protect their elephant population while creating economic opportunities based upon sustainability (runner-up Yale e360 Video Contest 2015; Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, France; Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival, Finland; CayFilm Festival, Cayman Islands; Norwich Radical Film Festival, UK; Portland Eco Film Festival; Ekotopfilm/Envirofilm 2017; Maine Outdoor Film Festival; Life on Terra; Sustainability TV). The third in this series, Andasibe, depicting the social costs of environmental degradation in Madagascar, premiered at the Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival (Finland) in September 2016 (Global Peace FF 2017; Wildlife Conservation FF). Denise is the 2016 runner-up winner of the Yale e360 Video Contest for the short film Chocolate in the Jungle: The Battle to Save a Disappearing Rainforest, depicting the plight of Ecuadorian cacao farmers in the midst of massive deforestation in the Choco Rainforest (Earth Day Texas; Films for the Forest; Ekotopfilm/Envirofilm 2017; Global Peace FF; Movies for Movies; Life on Terra; Sustainability TV). Denise has recently won first place in the Yale e360 Video Contest 2017 for The Burning of Borneo’s Peat Swamp Forest, a short documentary about the degradation of Indonesian forestland, specifically focused on the area surrounding Sabangau National Forest, home to the largest breading population of orangutans (Wildlife Conservation Film Festival). In pre-production is her first feature narrative, In the Dark, set in South Africa, about the global epidemic of sexual violence against women and children in which she is writer and director. Also released in 2016 was her debut novel, The People Could Fly, a young adult narrative that focuses on teenage depression and the consideration of suicide in young American women.