Deema Dabis

Amman, Jordan


Deema Dabis is a writer, director and producer who strives to tell stories with unique perspectives that are socially relevant and impactful. Her short film SHAKE (2014) was screened at festivals worldwide and received an award for Best Short Film at Tripoli Film Festival and Special Mention from the Jury at Franco Arab Film Festival. She is currently developing her semi-autobiographical feature film THE SUFI CIRCUS with her Producer and sister Cherien Dabis (AMREEKA / MAY IN THE SUMMER). This project was chosen for several development labs and writing residencies including RAWI, Med Film Factory and Cinephillia Inspire Residency. In addition to this, she is Producing FROM THE MOUNTAIN a short film and proof of concept for a TV series about Sultan Basha Al Atrash and the Great Syrian Revolt of 1925 with Director Faisal Attrache who is his great grandson. Deema has taught filmmaking workshops to youth in refugee camps and community centers all over Jordan. She is passionate about focusing on the importance of story and teaching youth how to capture their own stories using basic equipment such as a smartphone.