Dawn L Troupe

New York, NY, USA


Hi I'm an actor, writer, director and now producer of theater and screenplays for television mostly but want to create feature film as well. I'm from Northern California but currently live in Brooklyn, NY and couldn't be happier. I've shared a lifetime teaching and performing in California but quit education last year to solely focus on my craft as an artist. I'm looking to create the film/television that sparks conversation, insight, love, provokes us to act, and leads to healing. I love working as an actor and am creating work for myself as well as for humanity. I've written a web series and short that I'm producing and putting out into the universe and while it's scary I'm persistent. Both pieces are passion pieces about mental illness which affected my older sister, who passed in 2017, for most of her life. I'm excited to join a community of artists and look forward to collaborating.