Writer/Producer/Production Designer

Los Angeles, CA, USA


My life is a search for humor and spiritual meaning in the human experience. I have worked as an empathetic, but always rational architect; a deep-diving, fully-moonstruck clairvoyant teacher; a tent-pole science-fiction set designer; an independent film producer; and now, finally… as a screenwriter synthesizing my diverse life experience into (hopefully) wacky alternative reality scripts. Born in San Diego, I was privileged to have a writing and visual arts-infused public education through an Architecture degree from Berkeley. World travel allowed me to meditate at sacred sites and feel the energy of the birth, marriage, and end-of-life rituals of many religions. As a Chancellor at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, I taught clairvoyance and compassion for the spiritual journeys of others. As a dual US/Australian citizen, I was in Sydney at the right time to be a Set Designer on Star Wars EP II & III, and an Assistant Art Director on MATRIX II & III. Recently I have produced award winning indie films such as feature HATE CRIME, and shorts, such as PIE starring Jessica Paré. In 2018, my TV pilot EXPERIO was a Second Rounder at the Austin Writer’s Festival, and my TV pilot CHANGE-ABLE was a Finalist at Other Worlds Austin.