Camille Casmier


New York, NY, USA


Since graduating, she has been busy working on a variety of independent Chicago productions. She recently finished work on her second short film, an exploration of her own biracial upbringing, sisterhood, and the shifting landscapes of Saint Louis and New Orleans. While at Northwestern, she was the Co-President of the Northwestern University Women Filmmakers Alliance and the Community Engagement Coordinator for Arts Alliance, Northwestern's oldest student theatre executive board. Camille is passionate about empowering the voices of her childhood and creating community. She has exercised this passion by producing art at Northwestern that questions assumptions about diverse casting and community engagement-- her proudest moment was directing the first entirely Latinx cast in the LA-based adaptation, Oedipus el Rey. She aims to use her international Creole-Austrian background, her fluency in Spanish, German, and French, and her various experiences in outreach and community engagement to continue to intentionally lift up seemingly disparate voices.