Brian Cohen

Hollywood, FL, USA


Brian Cohen spends a great deal of time thinking about the leaf blower. Who helped to invent it and why? When did humanity deem it unpalatable to allow leaves to gather on walkways? Is the leaf blower such a considerable improvement over the rake? Was its invention supported by a brilliant gardener who wanted to voice displeasure at being expected to work so early in the AM? Such are the wandering thoughts of a man whose prospects were once so promising. Brian’s childhood was marked by two passions, revenue generation and storytelling. Late in his middle school career, he would solicit his father to purchase popcorn in bulk. He would repackage the snack in smaller bags and sell the individual-sized portions to his classmates for a profit. The business was shuttered voluntarily when faculty and administrators started to exhibit concern over the throngs of children swarming him between classes. Brian would go on to receive a bachelors degree from the University of Florida, in Business Administration. Then, a MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. The possibilities seemed optimistic. Brian’s mother was pleased by the seeming likelihood he would have a future filled with prosperity and financial security. He did an internship at Coca-Cola, then worked for years at the family business, marketing the company’s nutritional supplements nationwide. For a good while, he resembled an adult. Then, things unraveled. By all reasonable accounts, he lost it. Brian resigned from his position in the midst of the Great Recession. He worked on short films and began to write screenplays. He traveled to Los Angeles and interned for a pair of production companies (Valhalla Motion Pictures and TreeLine Films). He returned to South Florida and was introduced into the local theatre community, where he began playwriting and producing one-act plays. He was made an instructor of Story and Script Writing courses at Miami Ad School — a creative arts school specializing in preparing students for careers in advertising. And, he continued to write for the screen, specifically TV pilots. Most recently, his work on the pilot Internity was acknowledged as a quarter finalist selection in the 2018 CineStory competition. Now, along with imagining fictional worlds, Brian spends an inordinate amount of time contemplating curiosities of no interest to most. He wonders about the leaf blower. And, whether there is a secret society of rakers who are plotting revenge on a civilization that has turned its back on them?