Bosco Kim

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Filmmaking is a tribute to time and memory. It involves magic making if I have to choose between logic and magic. Filmmaking is also a way to homage to nature. I am a writer and the director who is obsessed with German Expressionism visual look and Japanese Animation, and manga to create my own story and vision that transcends to a brand. By an amalgam of German Expressionism style, Japanese animation and the manga allows me to conceptualize and deal with the balance between the style over substance to discuss idealism and morality in my visual world. First, my project, the Mirror, deals with one of my devotions, my religious belief. As a Catholic, I am so inspired and obsessed with religious symbolism. Throughout my project, I delve into religious contexts where they associate with meaning in numbers, meaning in colors and how to decode those meanings. I painstakingly dissect, demystify and revalue my own filmmaking process that I have learned from my experiences so that I can create my own brand. My project is a visual showcase of my obsession with German Expressionism and Japanese Manga. In order to create a consistent look for my project, I insist to shoot on film. The use of film consistently reminds me of how the creative process should be. Creativity has to born out of an original concept and the original concept harmonizes with nature. The shooting on film is a way to appreciate and evaluate natural colors that underscore and understand an inner psyche of the characters that I create. Another reason I insist to shoot on film is this authentic esthetic and the depth of the thinking process will create my own brand that nobody has. Creating the original content that consists of multi-facet characters, culturally integrated between the Eastern and the Western philosophy would distinguish me from other filmmakers. Creating my own story and the visual look, I use vivid colors. By usage of an intense and a series of vibrant color palettes, I create two different worlds that contribute a mirror image to each other; an inner mind of characters and an external realm where characters live in. These two worlds continue to explore my study and fascination with the subject matter of twins. My feature screenplay, The Mirror, expresses and underscores my obsession with twins. I especially find a strong interest in the unique relationships between twins when they communicate with each other and how twins’ way of communication affects people around them. I want to show and tell the story that contains multiple endings where it connects to various life experiences of the audience. Life has more than one-dimensional perspective so does the film. The film is the manifestation of inspiration from the circle of nature and life. To better understand and further discussion on twins, I illustrate my visual film language aligned with vibrant art movements from Renaissance period to Baroque period carrying out the theme of ambiguity in between reality and dream as well as a gender role. I also create uncanny camera angles, and with a provocative and an original way of framing will explore my theme of creating a hyper-reality where distinctions between the reality and dream blur. The purpose of presenting the hyper-reality generates and connects a psychological aspect of the characters' state of mind in mystery and psychological thriller genre of my film. I find my core interest in writing and directing on the subject matter of the Human condition and apply the Satoshi Kon’s editing technique in time and space. The Human condition, I especially deal with the meaning of life and morality. When I create my story, the Human condition is challenged by a circumstance where a protagonist is situated. The protagonist can transform from evil to good or vice versa by choice. Through the Mirror, I want to showcase my unique ability in writing where my creativity of writing meets both the Western culture and the Eastern philosophy. I also need professional help and advice in finalizing my screenplay. Then I can move into the next phase of production and filming my screenplay. With my visual look that has been heavily influenced by German Expressionism, the Mirror leads the audience to participate and anticipate the entire time of watching the film. I sincerely hope that my puzzling and sophisticated way of storytelling structure will strike the core idea of wonder and enhances a critical thinking process of the audience.