Asit Kumar Vyas

Los Angeles, CA, USA


I am an entrepreneur and producer of independent films. Born in India, and grounded with a keen business mind, I took my various skills and applied them to my career as a business owner and a film producer. I am currently producing the feature film, Thank You, Cancer, under my AV Entertainment Banner. Previously, I also produced a Bollywood/Hollywood film under my company New Age Productions. My business credentials were earned during a 25-year career in restaurant franchise ownership. I utilized a multi-faceted approach to business that eventually helped me grow my interests to include ownership of 23 Pizza Hut franchises and 10 Burger King franchises. I was attracted to a life in the performing arts and had worked in the theatre, film, and television. I completed a Producers program from UCLA and studied Radio, TV & Film at San Jose State University. Ultimately, I saw a great opportunity in the film industry and decided to take my management, finance, technology and operations experience to the entertainment industry. I consider myself an acute problem solver with the mentality and resources to build a winning team. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California with my wife of 30 years.