Agnes Fernandes

Liverpool, UK


Agnes' recent short film ITILY was featured on the official blog of the Black List, Go into the Story: Shot over a weekend and on a shoestring budget, the mini rom com was selected to premiere at the Berlinale's EFM on the 13th March 2019. Agnes is now working on the feature film version. Previously, Agnes has written and produced two feature films in Hungary which were screened at The Berlinale, Raindance and The New York International Film Festival. The first, ‘S.O.S. Love!’ (2007), is on the list of Hungary’s Top 10 Grossing Movies of All Time. In China, ‘S.O.S. Love!’ won The Best Foreign Film “Golden Rooster” National Film Award as well as The Audience Award in 2009. The Variety review of the film was titled: 'Hungary shows Hollywood how contempo romantic comedy is done'. (link: ) Remake rights to the film were sold in Australia and South Korea. The second movie, ‘Lovemakers’ (2011) was co-produced in English and featured an international cast including Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane. It is currently on Amazon Prime.