Elizabeth Lodge Stepp


Elizabeth Lodge Stepp is an Austin, TX based producer. She is a member of the Department of Motion Pictures production company, headquartered in New Orleans. Elizabeth is a 2016 Sundance Feature Film Creative Producing Fellow with Monsters and Men, which premiered in Sundance's 2018 Dramatic Competition line-up, and won the festival's Special Jury Award for Outstanding First Feature. 

In addition, she produced the documentary Brimstone & Glory, an immersive exploration of celebration, rituals, danger and the absolute beauty of fireworks, which was named 2017 Top 5 Documentaries by the National Board of Review, was nominated for 4 Cinema Eye Honors awards, and won the Golden Gate at the San Francisco International Film Festival. She also produced the documentary Kerri Walsh Jennings: Gold Within which premiered on NBC in 2016, and co-produced Knight of Cups (2015) and Song to Song (SXSW 2017), both directed by Terrence Malick.