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Être Noir (Being Black) is a Found Footage Experimental Piece that discusses aggressions African Americans experience daily. This experimental abstraction examines the impact of cultural appropriation on the African American community.

New York, NY, USA
Recent Brooklyn College graduate actively seeking employment in the media and film industry. I am a video editor, producer, award-winning filmmaker, social media enthusiast, and freelance teaching artist. I developed and self-produced numerous films that tackle cultural appropriation, depression, colorism, blackface, and stereotypes. Having the opportunity to be recruited as a teaching artist elevated my skills as a filmmaker has challenged my skills and creativity to create the missing piece to the puzzle that I feel is left in the entertainment industry. I want to create self-awareness in a multi-facet community of ethnic races. Currently, I am the lead content creator & Blogger at Hip Hop Film Festival & Harlem Film House. more...

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