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In the heat of summer, a group of friends chronicle a college graduate's strange friendship with his imaginary friend. Conversations with each millennial reveal the value of belonging, fear of loneliness, and differing opinions of growing up during their friend's last adolescent summer. Illustrated through documentary footage taken of the boys' lives throughout 2019 summer months, this personal documentary discusses one boy's coping mechanism of fighting a fundamental fear of leaving the social aspects of higher education behind.
As a female director-dp, I wanted to explore the vulnerability of male counterparts and relationships through authentic interviews and intimate cinematography.

Fremont, CA, USA
Iris is a first-generation Asian-American filmmaker who grew up between the Bay and Asia documenting childhood tales with dad’s VHS camcorder. She now spends time between CA and Asia with a fancier camera, but the same passion for telling stories about transplanted individuals and communities. She finds universal connection between the disconnected and focuses on capturing honest relationships between her subjects and their spaces with respect to culture, identity, and societal pressures. Her work has aired on primetime TV, generated millions of views online, and circulated in publications including NME, The Fader, and Metal Magazine. Iris currently contributes to Marvel's creative content and also thinks talking in the third person is weird. more...

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