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As a gender fluid person, I wanted to tell a story that empowers audiences to be their most authentic selves through the lens of gender. Though my own gender exploration has had moments of anxiety, the joy I feel shines the brightest. Reflection and a willingness to embrace the unknown have been two skills that have helped me along my journey, and I want to uplift the importance of these skills to people everywhere.

Chicago, IL, USA
Willis Weinstein (she/her/hers) is a gender fluid filmmaker focused on directing, writing, and acting. Willis believes that conversation has the power to change lives. She tells stories about transformation, personal growth, and collective empowerment, using introspection and emotional vulnerability to encourage audiences to be their best selves and heal from deep-seated insecurities. Willis attended Wesleyan University for undergrad. In her spare time, Willis enjoys home brewing beer, cycling, and collage. more...

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