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The meet-cute I’m writing is a very complicated example because one character is disturbing in some ways, we meet Jacob, a very reactionary person, and in some cases a racist person and he absorbs and carries forward the racial prejudice that is very wide spread in American society at the turn of the election and especially in the South which is where this story takes place. And, the content of his thoughts is very unsettling and disturbing. But even when he is in the public, face to face with a cop; he is met with great acclaim and that expands the possibility of evil in all kinds of ways. From a chivalry standpoint – he is an astonishingly important guy to our main character, Elissa. And, from a character standpoint – he is a very disturbing guy.

A wonderful reminder of the fact that not all meet-cutes describe an unalloyed triumphant story, even as the story becomes more consequently simple for Elissa; it also nonetheless carries the lies, prejudices, and hierarchic assumptions that are embedded in our society from which she fights. How could she be otherwise?

Houston, TX, USA

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