February 3 - March 31
TV Writing: Core Elements (Feb. 2020)
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Angela LaManna

The application period for the course has ended. Watch the Sundance Co//ab newsletter for updates on future course offerings.

Learn the core elements of writing a TV pilot with an accomplished TV writer as your guide. During this eight-week course you’ll create an outline for an original pilot script and learn a set of tools to help you ask the important questions of every scene and character that will get you past "stuck" when writing future episodes. Sessions include presentation and discussion, interactive exercises, and a case study with a renowned Advisor from the Sundance network. The course concludes with a one-on-one mentoring session focused on your project. 

The course will be held live in our virtual classroom. All sessions are recorded for registered participants who are unable to attend live.

  • DURATION: Eight weeks, February 3 - March 31
  • SCHEDULE: Mondays, 9:00am - 11:00am PT

Angela LaManna grew up in Syracuse, New York. She was an English major at The University of Texas at Austin, where she took courses in creative writing for fiction, poetry and screenwriting. more...
Born and raised in snowy Ann Arbor, Michigan, Brian rolled the dice after college to play poker professionally in Los Angeles. He hates it when people talk about themselves in the third person but it's too late now. In LA, he moonlighted as a journalist, covering high school football and writing for Koream, a pop culture magazine for Asian-Americans. He's a proud alumnus of the ABC-Disney Writing Program, Sundance Episodic Lab, and CBS Diversity Showcase. Brian is currently a story editor on the ABC drama THE GOOD DOCTOR. more...
Kristin Belka Maier is a writer with experience in television, film, and digital media. She was a staff writer on IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA where she fostered a relationship with RCG Productions and FX. Previously, Kristin worked alongside veteran television writer Michael J. Weithorn while he produced and developed for 20th Century Fox, The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios, FX, and Comedy Central. more...

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