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This short animation is nearly finished. I'm still making small edits and have a bit more to do on the sound mix. I have anxiety and insomnia. I started this project after I began seeing a therapist and it changed my life. I'm a visual artist first, so my work begins somewhere in the center and then I start spreading out and editing as I go. This piece is made primarily in stop-motion with paper puppets, sculptures made from recyclables, and ink drawings. I don't script or make preparatory work, I just let the work dictate where we end up. I made all of the art and animation and sound. I'll post a short blurb about the piece below--

An artist’s handmade animation with paper puppets, recyclables and ink.

A love letter to therapy and nostalgia. A love letter to a woman.

A hate letter to migraine auras, pounding heartbeats and night terrors.

A thermometer for emotional temperature.

This is a film about burning up on the search for something true.

Case Jernigan
New York, NY, USA
Case Jernigan makes art and animations about coming of age, nostalgia, sports and memory. He loves comics, games, mazes, monsters, heroes, soccer stars and the bright energy of Brooklyn, NY. His illustrations, cutouts and video works have been commissioned by the New York Times, Adidas, Nike, The Guardian, Kate Spade, and Chelsea Football Club to name a few.

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