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A washed up presenter, in an attempt to regain fame, rallies a group of mediocre crew into a dating show with matches intended to create an uproar and thus popularity. A cultural clash, Expectations dashed, what's next?

London Challenge Team
Filmmakers Collab

Host - Ralph Warman
Bellz - Marta Talmacs (facebook.com/talmacsmarta)
Edward - Donghoon Kang
Edward Puppet Voice - Ralph Warman

Directed and Edited by Herty Owusu
Written and costumed by Annushka Rogers
Production Manager - Metello Giordani
Camera Operator - Deka Aden
Props/Production Coordinator - Katie Hannah Price
Music Composer - Danyal Dhondy
Post Production Sound - Millie Levakis-Lucas CPT

London, UK
A team of determined filmmakers putting our resources together to sharpen our skills and experiences, create amazing works and have fun doing it! more...

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