We all know NBC as one of the major US broadcasters, but did you know that they are producing documentaries? They are. And we are happy to welcome Molly O’Brien, the Head of Documentaries, and Rachel Hawatmeh, Associate Producer of NBC News Studios, to speak about their plans to produce premium documentaries, documentary series, and content for emerging platforms and broadcast as well as possible theatrical release. 

Although NBC has been known for its true crime and high-volume non-fiction shows they see this venture as filling the demand for high-quality, one-off documentaries and series in a similar vein as CNN Documentaries and more recently networks like ABC and CBS. In this webinar, we’ll learn how NBC News Studios will work, what kind of content they are looking to produce, as well as discuss the industry at large. We’ll also cover how best to pitch broadcasters and streamers and how to get the financing you need to get your project out there to the just possibly post-pandemic world!