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While out on a day of errands, an act of petty crime provides a glimpse into the unique bond between Nathalie and Wayne.

With 'Winter Coat', I wanted to explore the theme of motherhood by attempting to reveal the subtle intricacies of Wayne & Nathalie's connection. We aren’t given the context of their relationship, instead, we step into their lives as voyeurs, listening in on conversations and lurking around corners. As we observe them through their shared experiences, we begin to understand their rapport. To deconstruct my understanding of motherhood, I looked back on memories shared with my own mother. The moments that ultimately stood out to me the most, were the small, everyday tasks and outings that we did together when I was a child. Moments that at first glance appeared prosaic or uneventful inevitably proved to be my most essential memories of childhood. Inspired by this, my aim was to use the seemingly mundane to highlight the impact and the beauty of these simple moments; celebrating the ordinary as the backbone of a bond and friendship between two people.

London, UK

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