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I wrote Whalebone with the intention of making a film that centered around a character struggling with an eating disorder, without making it the crux of the film. For me, disordered eating was a symptom of a larger problem and I wanted to tell a story that addressed the complexities of that experience.

Ultimately this film is about a young person seeking out intimacy in the wrong places. The protagonist, Laia, is reckless with her body and her safety because she doesn’t believe she deserves otherwise. Whalebone highlights the simple power of reminding someone that they are deserving of kindness.

New York, NY, USA
Cam is a New York City based writer/director/producer. She has worked with Big Beach Films, and SPACE on Ryder Farm. Cameron is an alum of the Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium, and a graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting. She is currently a Jacob Burns Creative Culture Fellow. Motherhood, addiction, and isolation are recurring themes in her work. more...

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