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We’re Coming To Get Our Check” The film is about a three very successful insurance attorney who went into the practice just to make a lot of money. It surprised a lot of their friend and school mates because of their smarts.In college they would win debates and mock trials about black oppression, police brutality, White privilege and racism. Talking and planning a trip they witness the senseless killing of a black woman at the hands of the police. It was not the just the killing that disturb them it happened to be an old school mate they use to tease and pick on and how she was totally disrespected before they killed her. Jeffrey X sat there looking at the video like it was a family member being killed (stoned faced), Larry Wright sat there with a look of disbelief and you could see a tear run down Carl Carlton cheek. This took them back to their old college days when they witness the beating of a college classmate. On this night a reality check gave them a visit. A reality that they have been running from for years. The next morning they closed their business. Turning their attention to bringing America in front of the World Court for allowing stats and itself to participating in the violence and the oppressed conditions Black America has endured since they hit these shores. Their argument, America has broken its own law by letting sates constantly violating the 5th and 14th amendment when it comes to the security and well being of the Black American.

Larry Wright

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