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A screenplay for a short science-fiction film

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

I moved to Los Angeles as a teenager after a turbulent childhood that included surviving neglect, physical and sexual abuse. I attended USC then dropped out and ended up in the Marines, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally don’t like it when little girls aren’t allowed to read or go to school, but I also think people want self-determination and that Halliburton made way too much money while way too many people died. I have a couple of mental disorders which really sucks but doesn’t suck as much as Eastern European public access television. Also, I’m African American so I have to work extra hard to avoid being obliterated by the prison industrial complex. I used to work in Information Technology because it paid the bills but i feel like an artist in my heart and I love creating. My ex-wife kidnapped my daughter the day after she was born and my last girlfriend slept with a guy I met doing charity work (both true stories). My first TV pilot just placed in the Emerging Screenwriting contest (quarter-finalist in December of 2022). more...

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