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Tramp Proof of concept short film.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
"Levi Lobo" Born Levi Dylan Martinez was born on June, 23, 1994 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to born Liesa Renee McCarty now Liesa Renee Reece, an Artist and Gerald Donald Martinez, a pastor. His Grand Father, Alfonso Martinez was a City planner in Albuquerque before he retired. His Great Grand Father was from Apache decent and Great Grand Mother from European decent. They settles from Texas into New Mexico with the migration and resettling of one the Apache tribes led by Geronimo. When Levi was just thirteen, his family moved into what was called the "war zone." They build a community where they helped to the sick, homeless, and broken. Up until the age of seventeen, Levi lived with over one hundred and fifty people in this community. He and his family donated time, led worship, gave 3,000 pounds of food to the community weekly and provided housing, often in their own home, to broken individuals needing a family. In 2008 Levi's family was featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover "Home Edition" to honor them for the work they were doing in the Trumbull community. Levi's father passed away in 2012 from liver disease when Levi was eighteen. Following his Father's death, Levi moved into a 68 VW Bus where he lived for nine month until he moved to Los Angeles. Levi had began his performing career in a church play about a young beat-boxer in a rendition of little drummer boy. Following that, he performed in several short films and made his debut on television in Longmire and then followed by Graves. Shortly after working on Graves, with Nick Nolte, he was offered roles on films such as SGT Will Gardner and Fast Color. Levi's relatives includes Fine Art Painter, Eric Christo Martinez, Front Woman Alie Byland of the band "Byland" and long time relatives Geronimo "the one who yawns" and Billy the Kid "Henry McCarty" more...

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