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I have just released this project online- I consider it finished, though I'm interested in receiving feedback, as I'm still a relatively green film maker.

A man plunges into his reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret. But he finds love there, and curiosity, and personal expression. Stitched together with layered ink drawings, paintings, paper cutouts, collage and digital manipulation, Too Young for a Memoir lays bare the artist’s halting, anxious, misguided and beautiful search for wholeness.

Art, animation, sound design and voice by Case Jernigan.
Special thanks to Josh Giunta (Love Science Music) for sound assistance.

Case Jernigan
New York, NY, USA
Case Jernigan makes art and animations about coming of age, nostalgia, sports and memory. He loves comics, games, mazes, monsters, heroes, soccer stars and the bright energy of Brooklyn, NY. His illustrations, cutouts and video works have been commissioned by the New York Times, Adidas, Nike, The Guardian, Kate Spade, and Chelsea Football Club to name a few.

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