About this submission

It was June of 2020; three months into the pandemic. I was bored, confused, and had spent too much time with myself. I also wanted to make something extraordinary. Limitations pushed my mind to come up with expressive visuals that communicated my feelings, emotions, worries, and memories. For this film, I used shots, color, music, and editing in a different way than usual.

Tiko was almost entirely made by my subconscious. At some point, I was doubting if I would be understood, but then I decided to make the film for myself. That decision gave me complete freedom.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
I’m a film director born in Armenia, raised in Russia, and currently based in Los Angeles. My work focuses on mental illness, identity, and self-exploration. I hold a BA in directing from UCLA TFT, where I also received various scholarships and grants. My thesis film, Out of Mind, which is about depression in the Armenian community, has been screened and awarded at numerous international film festivals. more...

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