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This series in progress explores how easily relationships are fractured when we repress, dismiss and ignore familial characteristics and behaviors that dont align with our true selves and how quickly resentment, guilt, jealousy, betrayal and revenge are born.

These events are based on true stories surrounding differences we experience and internalize in every family. From interracial marriages to infertility, caring for babies with special needs to raising babies who are born in prison, drug addiction and sex work, political identities and social statuses, gentrification to geriatrics Ties that Blind allows you to see more than just what meets the eye when a family exists as anything but.

Jennifer "Jane" Lee
New York, NY, USA
I teach babies how to read and tell visual stories for adults. I have 5 favorite movies I watch as often as I can. Ive recently been inspired to move from writing to directing and I'm in the music video sector at the moment. I hope to direct more commercials soon and in the future a feature film.

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