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Set in Toronto, Canada - this is a short story about the twists and turns that love takes. It looks at the ways in which humans can impact their own romantic fate with their preconceived notions, perceptions, and lack of self-awareness.

This comedic and dramatic cautionary-tale warns women not to over-emphasize the importance of mythical males featured in common romance novels.

It is a vivid look into how one can turn off a quality constructed lover’s lane only to delve deeply into lust’s rickety cesspool.

This fun little story illustrates how months, even years, of trust and hard work can dissipate in a ‘moment of passion,’ revealing that ultimately no one is truly alone - as Karma is our constant companion.

Jessica Lambert
Aurora, ON, Canada
A work in progress - yet always progressing as I work. Jessica Lambert was raised in Toronto Canada with her grandmother Audrey. As a child, reading and writing was a bond her and her grandmother shared together. Educated in Corporate Communications Jessica has extensive experience writing for corporations however is developing her skills in fiction and script writing. Jessica co-founded Platinum Rouge with her son Tredel Lambert - an entertainment company aimed at creating and curating Canadian content for global consumption. Tredel, who is also a writer and who is a trained Illustrator adds the visual and artistic direction often needed. After years of working corporate Jessica took a leap of faith and dove head first into what her heart desires ... to CREATE! Writer, Publisher, Producer, Casting Director, Creator, Believer! My Mantra - My Life: "I am a Former Caterpillar, who through hard work & hope... turned into an Award Winning Butterfly!" Jessica Lambert #Believe

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