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The old miner Tiberio is dying and his son Leo, whom he does not accept for being homosexual, returns to Las Maravillas, his mining town to say goodbye. Through the etheric of death, love and desire, Clarita, a trans shaman, will teach them that we are more than what we can see.

Screenwriter and film director born in Piñas, El Oro, Ecuador on August 18, 1989. Film and literature lover. Studied Social Communication and Literature at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil. Master in Screenwriting at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR - SPAIN). His work explores spiritual cinema and LGBTQI+ family issues, focusing on the point of view of characters and stories that inhabit dissidence and rurality. He wrote the amateur feature film "PIÑAS, ÉRASE UNA VEZ", part of the Ecuador Bajo Tierra Film Festival. He has worked for OCHOYMEDIO at the EUROCINE and EDOC festivals. She wrote and directed the LGTBIQ+ MicroTeatro play DE DIVA A ACTRIZ. He was Creadxr and Directorxr of the EL ORO FILM FESTIVAL. Actor Director of the short film LGBTQI+ CHIGUALO. He has written and directed the short films, CERRAR LOS OJOS, DULZURA. His last short film AVIONES DE PAPEL was part of the Lifft Off Global Network Festival in London and at the Festival de Cinema di Cefalú in Italy. He is currently shooting the documentary A LAS PUERTAS DEL CIELO (2022), a film portrait of the renowned poet Roy Sigüenza, an icon of homoerotic and dissident poetry in Ecuador. He is also financing his new short film LAS MARAVILLAS (2022), to be shot in Auguts 2022, the film explores sexual diversity and imaginaries of masculinity and gender in the mining towns of the southern highlands of the province of El Oro, Ecuador. He is also writing the fourth version of the screenplay "CINEMA VERANO", his first fiction feature film. In Ecuador there is almost no Queer Cinema and it is precisely from this emptiness that the need for identification and exploration of a cinema free of stereotypes is born, that portrays themes and characters that are not looked at or taken into account. more...

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