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It's southern suburban America in the mid 90's. To cope with the struggles of being minorities in a predominantly white town, two teenaged Indian cousins turn to storytelling. Little do they know, they are far more connected to the mysteries of the universe than most.


The Storytellers takes inspiration from my own life and relationship with my family, especially the cousin with whom I'd spend hours fabricating stories. I'm of Indian descent, and was born and raised in the United States. As I kid, I really did try to convince my family to call me Katherine.

Genres: adventure, family, drama, fantasy

Radha is a physicist, scientific consultant, and writer, who recently submitted a PhD thesis in theoretical quantum physics. She believes in the importance of science communication that is engaging, relatable, and accurate. In this regard, she contributes to Film Inquiry as a science columnist, has become the first science contributor to Indian news website The Quint, and consults on science fiction screenplays, books, and other entertainment/media projects. She was born and raised in the United States, and currently lives in India.

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