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The Rebirth of a Goddess is a film about a Nigerian-American Actress that goes on a remarkable journey to re-connect with her inner divinity after an abusive relationship. In this short film, I used a lot of experimental imagery to show how my character Adaze Uwa progresses in her own healing. The different color schemes emphasizes the different stages that Adaze is passing through to get to her divine goddess stage, a stage where she is finally owning who she is and emerging as an infinite star.

Based upon my own experience, I have no doubt that this short film is monumental. Art such as this is especially important in a society where black women are constantly being pushed to not even view themselves as divine beings.

I am a Nigerian-American Actress/filmmaker. I graduated from Columbia University where I was originally pre-med but re-discovered my passion for film. While I was there I starred in and co-produced a new media pilot called Episodes, a story about four college woman dealing with mental health struggles. Since graduating, I have held supporting and leading roles in film. Last year, I was in a feature film called The Subject starring Jason Biggs, Aunjanue Ellis and Annabelle Acosta. During the quarantine, I decided to create a short film called The Rebirth of a Goddess that I directed, acted, composed, wrote and filmed. All of it was filmed on an iPhone and two scenes were filmed through Zoom. The film is about a young Nigerian-American woman on a journey to re-connect with her own divinity. It became an official selection of the Indie Boom Film Festival that is in collaboration with the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival in December and was awarded Honorable mention in January. For fun and recreation, my hobbies include skateboarding, learning Spanish and writing. more...

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