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Growing up in Philadelphia, my friends and I were not expected to attend college. We had to hustle to make ends meet. Our families gave us everything they could and we prayed for the rest. Despite obstacles, I secured a scholarship that covered tuition, but not living.

Students hoping to secure a better future turn to dangerous or underpaying jobs because of the financial burden of attending college. This film is dedicated to their unseen struggle. I consulted other students whose vulnerable stories reflected my own. I hope to raise awareness of the nightmare that often follows the American dream.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Lamont Lamar is a writer and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Lamar was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a disabled, single-mother. His work is largely inspired by his experiences adapting to shifting family dynamics, educational inequities, and social disparities. Lamar draws from his East Coast roots, West Coast cultivation, and a wide array of Queer experiences; and is developing a distinctive voice that is raising awareness of issues around race, identity, and economic justice. When he looks back someday on his career, Lamar hopes he will have helped create generational growth for the next young Black or Queer creative to fearlessly tell their own stories. more...

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