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I saw this challenge prompt yesterday and my imagination went wild. I ended up writing a pilot script for a series that I seriously want to develop called "The Life Hack".

Urban Dictionary defines the word "Hack" as someone who does crappy work. Aspiring screenwriter Les Tyler's coming of age odyssey reaffirms that he truly is "The Life Hack".

In this pilot, Les has a meeting with a producer who is interested in his script but things don't go according to plan.

It's definitely not under 10 pages and of course I don't expect it to be seriously judged but I was proud of it and thought I'd share it. Hope you all like it. :)

- Austin

Austin Valdez
Palm Springs, CA, USA
Growing up as a Bay Area Baby, I've always wanted to work in the film industry. Today, I'm doing just that. Collaborating with ambitious creative talent around the world to bring amazing projects to life, I've been successful in blending my skill set as a business savvy producer with my creative passion for storytelling, resulting in a balanced concoction of logic and imagination. "imagic", if you will. I'm-- uh, still working on the name.... Each project, I constantly find myself wearing different hats. My roles include, but are not exclusive to: - Actor - Singer - Musician - Screen Writer - Director - Producer - Camera Operator - Storyboard Artist - Lighting - Set Design - Editing - Distribution - Most recently, the studio I helped co-found is releasing it's newest web series called "How To Write Your Soul" and I hope to one day own and operate my own production company out here in the Coachella Valley. All these experiences and goals have been essential in servicing my ultimate passion- to be a Story Teller. It's a fantastic thing, taking on that mantle, because storytellers use imagination to restore order to the world. To instill hope. I truly believe that. It's a passion that burns bright. So, how about we tell a story together?

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