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“The Gilded Monster” is loosely based on the story of the Black Dahlia. In 1947, twenty-two year old Hollywood hopeful Elizabeth Short was brutally murdered after going to Los Angeles with the aspiration of pursuing a career in modelling and her killer was never apprehended. In this film, the character Betty (Kristina Ojaperv) visits the office of Mr. Barnes (Lorenzo Cromwell), a theatre director and entertainment mogul. Betty hopes to gain a place in Mr. Barnes’ theatre show and, as the meeting progresses, he asks increasingly personal questions and eventually insinuates that Betty must perform sexual favours in exchange for being hired. Throughout the duration of their encounter we gain brief glimpses of the horror that awaits Betty if she pursues Mr. Barnes’ offer. The film ultimately illustrates the dangers that result from abuses of power and the destructive impact that corruption has on the lives of vulnerable individuals.

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