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After their "electrical" night together, Watson and Eve have an awkward coffee date to discuss the events that occurred. He wants to turn their fling into a fully-fledged relationship while she tries her best to let him down gently. However, it's quickly revealed that the two are nothing alike, bringing to question the age-old adage: do opposites attract? Can true love cross one of the most impenetrable barriers -- spatial dimension?

From the iPhone to autonomous cars, our lives are imbued with technology. Already we are seeing a mixing of technology and humanity, and I wanted to explore this “cyborg” world through a comedic lens, rather than the often dystopian melodrama of many films. The film also comments upon gendered identities and our expectations of the roles of males and females in sexual relationships, turning stereotypes on their heads. Through comedy, I hope to comment upon how our expectations of gender are manufactured.

I enjoy telling stories that feature underrepresented perspectives.

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