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He´s come from the future to save his own life...if he can be bothered!

I am a Screenwriter and Director but over all just a film maker. I believe that my fundamental character, my strong belief in striving for ‘truth’, and my training in the International film school of San Antonio de los Baños Cuba and Judy Weston workshop in Los Angeles, all help me to achieve a high degree of authenticity in my work... and this is the greatest on-going challenge. I am always looking for strong and engaging characters. Sometimes they don’t do the right things but , as an audience can see beyond their actions to the flawed human being beneath. This allows us to empathise and even sympathise with their circumstances. Most of us will ultimately want justice to be served, there’s a part of us that understands how and why they are as they are. As a creator, I find inspiration in small things: almost anything might enable me to imagine a lifetime. I’m often first attracted to light, composition and colour, but sounds and smells are equally powerful in transporting me to imaginary places. When writing, I think about shots, structure, when to use dialogue (and when not to), from the very beginning. If it isn’t working, I change my perspective & challenge my thought process. I keep trying different things until the story finally emerges. Crucially, I always share my work in progress. Feedback is my most valuable tool. It sometimes seems as if my stories come from far away, but deep down I know they were there all along. more...

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