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I chose to tell this story because I'm fascinated in priesthood, dysfunctional family dynamics, exploring toxic masculinity, Agri-Horror, and men creating their own downfall. Despite following the pursuit of pureness through the Church, men are only human, and doubt and inner toxic masculinity remain buried deep. I wanted to explore what it would look like for a priest to return home, to the brother and the life he wanted to escape, and for him to slowly transform into someone he never wanted to become, but who he always has been.

Richmond, VA, USA
Olivia Dinman (but everyone calls her OD) is a writer and director whose work focuses primarily on emotionally stunted individuals forced to reconcile with themselves and those closest to them. She holds a BA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Cinema, with minors in history and creative writing. Her screenplays have been produced both on 35mm film and digitally. While writing and directing is her primary focus, she also loves being hands on in the camera, grip and electric departments. more...

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