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The film is to showcase the true form of free will - not as a possibility to choose freely one of the options given, but a free will to create one’s own path.

The balcony represents a cage the main character created for himself, a place on the invisible line between life and self-imprisonment.

While on the “edge”, John realizes the importance of actually making a decision about his future, not only picking an option. I wanted to show that maybe there are more than two choices, that there is maybe a truly free way out.

Montreal, QC, Canada
Karolina Dobiszewska (Karo Dobi) is a 20-year-old Polish-Canadian filmmaker & photographer, currently residing in Montreal, QC, Canada. Next academic year, she will be attending Concordia University's Film Production BFA program. Karolina will be working towards being a respected director, know for her creativity, work ethics and integrity. more...

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