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An Angler, obsessed with creating the perfect lure, finds himself hooked on the line.

I'm Lucy, one half of a twin writing and directing duo from Salt Lake City, UT. Through our films we aim to create a voice that engages and explores our own local identity and maverick sensibilities. To further our filmmaking goals, we have created the Rocky Mountain Mythology Trilogy. The trilogy is meant to calibrate an aesthetic and tone that can be applied to our larger feature film projects. As artists, we are all about serving our community by articulating narratives and identities from the area. The American West is such an iconic location in film, so much so, that there is an ENTIRE genre that is based around our region (the Western). We are interested in reclaiming the Western as a genre that speaks more authentically from a local’s perspective, something that engages with its history and culture in a bold new way. more...

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