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Tisha is a Pueblo women from Northern New Mexico who makes mistakes in order to find her true purpose in the world. Tisha is frustrated with how Native people are treated through systems of oppression. She believes money can solve her problems, but in River Bank, she discovers that true wealth is in the form of her Pueblo's beautiful community and traditions - not money. I chose this story because I believe Native people are rich in ways greater than money.
Tamales is the prequel to another short film I wrote titled, River Bank.

Charine Pilar Gonzales
Santa Fe, NM, USA
Charine Pilar Gonzales (San Ildefonso Pueblo - Tewa) is a writer/director. She enjoys creating a wide range of films including live-action narrative fiction, short docs and stop motion projects. Her favorite foods are red chile stew, chicos and oven bread. She resides in New Mexico.

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