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This is part of an ongoing project that some friends and I have been working on. I wrote, shot and directed it. It's part of a proof of concept and I thought ti would go well with the subject of "An Unforgettable Entrance." The audio is a little rough but it stars Garret Daniels and Joseph Ray Santos. They have a really good chemistry together.

Hope you enjoy it.

Maquoketa, IA, USA
I grew up in Southern California. I always shot little videos and went to film school. I tried really hard to "Make it" in Hollywood, but it never seemed to work out. I felt I was losing my inspiration as to why I wanted to make movies. I came out to the Midwestern United States to pick up a Nickelodeon for a friend of mine and really felt connected with the area so I bought a Bed and Breakfast and moved out here. Still love making movies and look for any opportunity I can get :-) more...

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